Gift certificates are custom made in-house that can be mailed to your beloved recipient as well. Email

You’ll have to visit our shop to purchase items.  Please email us with any special requests. Our hours are 12-5 PST every weekday and 11-1 pm on Saturdays for retail, later on weekdays and weekends by appointment and for classes and session work.
We have an array of supportive therapies and medicines including

  • Moondeli herbal supplements. Turmeric/Blue Green Protein/Mushroom Adaptogen/Bliss Booster
  • Cucamanga bath salts (tree inspired with Canadian forest fixings)
  • Happyrock Coffee (award winning roasted beans)
  • MotherDirt Products (shampoo that maintains your hair biome)
  • Nanina Ra Salt bath kits (potent cleansing salts)
  • Wolf Crow Fire Cider (Chinese Medicine tinctures)
  • Among the Reeds herbal tinctures
  • Birch juice products (detoxifying agent to support clean eating)
  • Tree Essences to shift energy on a physical, emotional, and spiritual level. Made by Alicia at Jouney to Botanicals!
  • Cedar, Sage, and Palo Santo sticks
  • Spirit Swag

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