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Sessions transform energy in your physical and energetic body.  This work moves your heavy emotions, rewires old patterns, and quells anxiety.  Ancestral patterns and past life (or other life) energies come up in this work.  This is accomplished with Creation Intelligence,  your higher self, and guides, in order to clear the energy behind your repetitive patterns, pain, or questions.  Amy is a clairvoyant medium, healer, channel, & nurse who moves energy on a physical and spirit level.  This is not Reiki or massage, but it is similar and considered an old way of medicine.  We will pin-point exactly what needs to be released, from which area of the body (muscles/bones/tissues/glands), and from whom or where it came;  bringing you back to yourself and reducing symptoms. There is beauty and true healing in each session.

Energy therapy sessions with Amy are $110 for the first session, $120 for 1.5 hours and $150 for two hours.  Discounts are provided for healers, educators, medical professionals, students and seniors on Wednesdays and Saturdays.  Please be sure to wear comfortable clothing and plan for 15 minute check-in.

This is what each session will bring.

Physical Resilience. Each healing session reduces pain, fatigue, and/or emotional overload.  This can heal the energies of old injury sites or illness patterns.

All first sessions balance & brighten your chakras.  This ensures you’ll feel grounded, lighter and immediately more balanced. This harmonizes you, and restores your self-care and connection, once again to get you feeling “like you are back to yourself and in harmony.” This first session takes an hour and thirty minutes. $110

Ultimate Grounding.  Each session works on your shadow side, exposing and putting to rest patterns and emotions that don’t serve you.  Past life, ancestral patterns, and other energies can be banished in this session. It usually takes about 1.5 hours. $120

Higher Love Alchemy Session and Activation.  This is deeper alchemical session that takes 2 hours, and does all the things.  All sessions reset patterns, however the additional time helps to delve deeper into specific patterns that don’t serve you, grief, depression, anxiety, and maybe just an overall feeling  of being stuck.  This transforms that energy into space for newness and can bring light into present or past relationships. This session brings your essence back to you so that only you can be in your body. This in turn restores the heart, brings wisdom, detached emotional resiliency, centeredness, and grounding. It activates your gifts and life force energy. Your higher self and the Earth bring a richness and beauty to this session. $150

Old Mexican medicine: As a ritual to rid unwanted energy and aid transformation, this is 9 weeks of work that brings proper death to problems.  There is a brief interview and it is $44 per session each week with a check-in.

For A beautiful end of life session, please contact Amy for a consultation or for more info., visit


During each month we offer a serious discount for Teachers, Healers, Service folk and Medical Professionals! It is our favorite thing to do in the world and we want this medicine accessible.  Energy session work is $75 for a 1.5 hour session, Massage is $50 on Wednesdays, and Acupuncture is at $40 with Shiatsu.  Book on-line or call the shop! Acupuncture requires a call to the shop.

Temple Medicine is part of a community.  We have Traditional Acupuncturists that accept insurances and are mobile and massage therapists. Check out our practitioner page !! Feel free to call with any questions regarding combination treatments. 503-421-1075

And thank you for your interest!

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  1. Hi Amy, what a pleasure it was to meet you at the Holistic Chamber of Commerce on Tuesday evening. I would really love to meet with you for further collaboration. Warmest wishes Pamela Jeanne ND


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