Healing from Within

This is a service based space with a small retail shop full of supportive therapies and a gathering place for classes.  We specialize in: inter-dimensional healing, Energy Therapy, mediumship, soul/gift retrieval, and bodywork; rendering a balance of holistic care.  People end up leaving the space grounded, lighter, and different from when they came in.  This is our goal.  We also have seasoned Acupuncturists and Massage Therapists available for sessions.  The founder of Temple is a RN.  We are an inclusive community built on unity consciousness. 

Energy work is for everybody.  It is both physical and soul work that creates physical resiliency and personalized tools for self-care.  To put it simply, we move energy!

Sessions help you move through problems faster; reduce physical pain and inflammation, remove muscle tension,  reduce heavy emotions, and shift relationships.  Energy work helps you heal yourself on a deep and regenerative level. 


We are located behind the Historic Hollywood Theater at 1716 NE 42nd Ave, in Portland, Oregon, 97213.  We have parking behind our shop for you!

Our hours our 9-9:30, by appointment mostly.

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Book sessions on-line, email amy@temple-medicine.com, or  call  @ 503-421-2075.  Know that as a rule, we give discounts to students and seniors.  Just book an appointment and bring your ID.  These sessions are safe during pregnancy.   Also, due to the building constraints, remote sessions can be requested for able bodied folks with limitations!


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